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Every taxpayer is entitled to representation.


A taxpayer may either represent him/herself or, with proper written authorization, have someone else represent him/her. A taxpayer’s representative must be an individual authorized to practice before the IRS, such as an enrolled agent. Jeffrey Yovanovich, EA is an Enrolled Agent.  If you have a tax problem, a notice from the IRS, or are under audit, you want Jeffrey Yovanovich, EA to represent you before the IRS.


Representation allows a professional, usually an enrolled agent, to “take your place” in front of the IRS.


Your representative can:

  • Interact with the IRS.

  • Provide information and explanations on your behalf.

  • Enter into agreements with the IRS.


In short, the representative becomes you in the eyes of the IRS.


Taxpayers have the right to representation.  A qualified representative can streamline the process, take much of the effort off of you, and ensure you get the best outcome.


Learn how to authorize Blue Line Tax & Accounting Services to work with the IRS for you. 

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